Here at Hadley United Services Village, we have a fully functional kitchen which can cater for up to 150 guests in a single sitting.

We have several kitchen staff who are excellent in preparing food to your specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for dietary requirements.

FRIDAY CREDIT CRUNCH, every Friday, here at H.U.S.V.C, we have an wide selection of ‘Credit Crunch Meals’. All your usual favourite food, discounted to help you feed the hunger needs. Play a visit to our ‘Credit Crunch Meal’ board for more deals and see what our weekly specials are.

Below are a few images of the various layout options we have done in the past year or so.. The we try and cater for all your needs.

Saturday Breakfast
(Available from 11.30am Last Order 2.30pm)
Starting Saturday 9th May

Rashers Bacon (2)
Sausages (2)
Hash Brown (2)
Baked Beans
Black Pudding
Toast (2)

(Extra items 45p each)

MONDAY – FRIDAY 2pm – 6pm

******FROM 1ST September 2017******
Brew X1 £2.55 pint
Carling £2.85 pint
Cobra £3.05 pint
Guinness £3.05 pint
Magners £2.55 pint
Worthingtons £2.55 pint
Offer applies only to above drinks
Pints only

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